3 Ways To Review Your Surveillance Footage

If you have a surveillance system in your home or business, then chances are you’re going to want to review your recorded footage. There are multiple ways in which you can review your footage depending on your application. We will go over 3 main ways to accomplish this, so you have a better understanding of how one or multiple ways could work for you.

On Location Monitoring

The first way to review recorded footage is the most common and practical as it requires a viewing station right at the location of your DVR. Most DVRs come with multiple output connections, including HDMI, BNC, DVI, and VGA. Using one of these connections you can have a surveillance monitor present right at your DVR to quickly activate and browse recorded files.

The advantage to doing it this way is that if you have a problem with your DVR and need to quickly troubleshoot it, you can do so right at the source without having to run between your viewing equipment and DVR. This is especially beneficial for problems involving the hardware.

Multiple Unit/Extended Viewing

Let’s say that having a monitoring solution on location isn’t possible, and you need to extend a connection to another part of your facility or home. Let’s also say that a network solution is not feasible. In a scenario such as this you can use a video line extender that can turn a normal VGA, HDMI, DVI, or other video connection into a much longer connection by routing it through a UTP cable. This method of connection can extend a connection possibility over a 100 meters or more and provide a way for you to monitor your DVR from a far away location.

Additionally by applying this method and by using a video splitter you can even have your video feed sent to multiple locations for viewing in different areas of your facility. This lends itself to quick access and reviewing times if you are in a large building.

The disadvantage to this type of setup is that it only lends itself to viewing and monitoring your camera system, and it does not allow for quick troubleshooting or playback of old footage. One trick however to get around this disadvantage is to install a wireless mouse system (with a repeater if necessary); that way you can control the DVR as if you were at its location. This can be a bit tricky however depending on how far away you are.

Now before we move on to the final method of reviewing your surveillance footage it should be noted that both on location monitoring and multiple unit/extended viewing are non network options; where as remote viewing relies on you having a stable internet and network connection.

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Remote Monitoring & Control

Remote monitoring is rapidly becoming the preferred way of monitoring and controlling a DVR. As most DVRs are now equipped with network options it has become common place for homes and businesses alike to network their DVR and configure it to be accessible over the internal network and through an external IP. This allows an individual to both monitor and control their DVR from computers around the world as long as they have the proper access name and password.

Additionally this is making extended and multiple viewing solutions a lot more convenient because instead of running cables to multiple monitoring stations; you can quickly access the DVR through on location computers as long as their networked or have an internet connection.

Another advantage to remote monitoring is that it is now expanded to allow remote viewing on smart phones. By installing and utilizing free APPS on your Smartphone, an individual can now access their DVR from all over the world without the need for a computer, as long as they have cell phone service they can review and even control their DVR.

By using any of the 3 methods we’ve talked about you also have the ability to live monitor your system and watch events unfold as there being recorded. This can be useful for larger businesses that may need an actual security booth with multiple feeds being monitored at once. Additionally with a little bit of ingenuity, you can use all 3 of these viewing methods simultaneously.

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