340FPS Broadcast Quality Security Camera

We have a great security camera that offers broadcast like image quality and features.

The new ORION Images CHDC-22BHSC HD CCTV 2.1 megapixel camera can be used in Broadcast, Security and Sports applications. This HD-SDI camera provides an amazing 1080P HD TV quality image that can be recorded at an astounding 340fps, which is usually a feature only seen on broadcast cameras!

Orion Images CHDC-22BHSC 340FPS Broadcast Quality Camera W/ SDI/HDMI Output

Basically when you buy the CHDC-22BHSC from Orion Images, you’re not only getting a possible surveillance camera, you’re also getting a broadcast and sports quality camera all in a CCTV C/CS mount surveillance form factor! So when picking an HD-SDI camera, why not choose the best!

Learn More…http://www.cu1.com/chdc22bhsc.html

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