4 Tips For Solving Security Camera Problems

4 Tips For Solving Security Camera Problems
By Christian M Gillman

Security cameras can be as problematic or simplistic to use and install as you make them. Let’s explore a few of the most common problems associated with surveillance cameras and how to quickly solve them.

My Security Camera Lens Won’t Focus

The most common mistake that is seen when mounting a lens to a CS mount camera is forgetting to remove the C mount adapter ring. When you purchase a CS/C mount camera it will generally come with an adapter ring to allow a C mount lens to be used. If this ring is still present on the camera when you mount your CS lens; you will not be able to focus your camera due to its inability to get close enough to the CCD imager. Simply put; remove the ring.

My Bullet Style Security Camera Is Fogging Up

When this happens it is generally due to moisture getting into the inside glass covering of the security camera. A quick possible fix for this is to use a little Rain-Ex on the inside and outside of your glass covering.

To be able to get into your glass covering just make sure to remove your sunshield (if applicable), unscrew the end cap (keep track of the O-ring), and apply the Rain-Ex to the glass. Make sure you do this in a cooler area with low humidity to make sure you get the best possible effect.

COP-USA CM35IR-48 1/3" 480 TVL CCTV 48 IR LED Bullet Security Camera

Security Camera Video Interference & Tearing

If you have installed your surveillance cameras only to find you have a distorted or tearing image; you may have what is known as ground loop interference. This is a hard situation to anticipate, but a rather simple fix. We won’t go into the technical details of what is happening, but suffice it to say you are getting interference between your power and video signal. To solve this you need to invest in a ground loop isolator like the 15-GL01 to balance out this interference and fix your video.

Quick Security Camera Mounting Solutions

Ever needed to mount your security camera somewhere where drilling a hole or screwing in a mount isn’t feasible? A few types of mounts to keep in mind for various surfaces include magnetic mounts, sticker mounts, or suction cup mounts.

A magnetic mount is just as it sounds and provides a magnetic connection to your camera. This will help you install a security camera onto a number of metal surfaces.

A sticker mount uses a double sided sticker to secure your camera to surfaces such as glass. These mounts typically can only hold lower weight surveillance cameras.

A suction cup mount is made mainly for mounting cameras to vehicular glass applications. These mounts can only hold lower weight security cameras up to about 3 pounds.

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