Covert Camera Possibilities

Covert Camera Possibilities And Ideas

By Christian M Gillman

There are numerous types of covert and hidden security cameras available to consumers, and quite a few of them are rather innovative and creative in how they’re hidden. So if you’re thinking of buying or using a covert camera, why not research the different kinds available and what they have to offer.

Exit Sign Camera

A small discreet security camera is hidden within a functioning exit sign to allow for a dual use. Appease the fire marshal at your store with a proper exit sign, while also filling your hidden surveillance needs.

Plant Camera

Decorate your home, business, or deck with a festive plant that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a functioning hidden security camera. In fact if you’re creative and like crafts you can buy your own plant and small box camera and build your own hidden plant camera.

PIR Motion Detector

Now this has the possibility of serving a dual purpose as well, depending on what product you get. There are two options when buying a PIR motion detection camera. Either you can go with a functioning PIR motion detection casing, or you can get a non functioning device. Either way the camera is disguised within a PIR motion detector, but if you get the functioning unit; you can also have the added benefit of a motion detector with alarm outputs to attach to your alarm system or DVR.

Clock Camera / Alarm Clock

Yet again we have a multipurpose covert solution. By having a covert security camera hidden within a nightstand style alarm clock or within a standard wall clock, you can serve your hidden surveillance needs as well as your time needs.

Watch Camera & Pen Camera

This type of camera is more of a spy gadget in essence as it allows you to keep your hidden surveillance on your person at all times or to utilize it on your dresser, nightstand, desk, or wherever else you deem it appropriate to leave or display a watch or pen. So if the James Bond style hidden camera is more your speed, then a watch or pen camera may be the perfect solution.

Book & Teddy Bear Camera

These covert solutions are extremely practical as nanny cams to keep an eye on your kids or babysitters. As they are stationary units, they are disguised within a book or teddy bear respectively to help keep their purpose concealed and to remain inconspicuous.

Smoke Detector & Fire Sprinkler Cameras

A security camera hidden within a smoke detector or fire sprinkler is a great solution for a business as it looks like a seemingly ordinary and practical fixture within your establishment. This way you keep your customers or potential burglars suspicion levels at a minimum, and still keep an ever vigilant eye on your facilities.

This is a good start to the more common types of security cameras available in the market, but they are nowhere near the complete list of what is available. In fact it should be noted that with a bit of ingenuity and a small box or board style security camera, you can create a hidden surveillance solution out of any number of common place items.

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