A New Dummy From Securityman!

With no wiring required, the SecurityMan DUMCAM-SLM is easy to install and is completely maintenance free. The DUMCAM-SLM is a professionally designed, cost effective theft deterrent device used to purposely deter intruders and solicitors with just a fraction of the cost of a real security camera.

Spotlight Dummy Camera with Solar Panel and PIR Motion Sensor

The built-in solar panels charge batteries (included) during the day and the spotlight turns on when motion occurs after sunset. The spotlight produces 110 lumen and illuminates up to 360 square feet of space. The DUMCAM-SLM is a perfect solution for those who want to increase security presence anywhere around their property with a dummy camera.

Come take a look:  http://www.cu1.com/dumcamslm.html

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