A New IP Covert Solution

For a while now the selection of covert cameras for IP surveillance systems has been quite limited.  Well we have a new product that is taking steps towards changing that.  We now have the all new G-ICP covert alarm clock camera with ONVIF support.  That’s right, an IP security camera that’s not only disguised as an alarm clock, but is also in fact an IP camera with WiFi.  So now you can not only have your regular IP surveillance system, but an additional covert solution that will still shine in 1080 HD quality resolution.

Covert Clock IP Surveillance Camera

The G-ICP has a lot of features that can be found on our website where you can read more about it, but we will just give you a taste of a few of them.  This IP camera comes with ONVIF support, which makes it compatible with most IP based surveillance systems.  It has WiFi which eliminates the need to connect an Ethernet cable.  The camera can not only be recorded at your NVR, but it also has local SD card storage for quick video capture.  Finally this covert camera also can be viewed on a mobile device as with most IP based surveillance.  So with these few but amazing features in mind, come take a look at all the rest of the things that this security camera has to offer.

Come take a look:  http://www.cu1.com/gicp.html

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