A Surveillance Installers Dream

If you are a surveillance installer who is constantly hooking up and troubleshooting customers surveillance systems; then have we got the tool for you.  The Difinitron VM-417 is an amazing piece of hardware than can take a beating and keep on delivering even the most demanding of cctv measurements.  This diagnostic test meter is used by security professionals worldwide in a variety of applications to achieve the highest quality cctv installations.  Furthermore the VM417 can use its waveform monitor and measure various levels including sync level, luminance, video level, and more.

CCTV Diagnostic Test MeterDifinitron VM-417 [VM417] CCTV Diagnostic Test Meter

Difinitron VM-417

A few of the VM-417’s Features:

? Sync Level Measures the amplitude of the video synchronizing pulse.
? Video Level Measures the overall amplitude to determine Peak to Peak level.
? Luminance Measures the white level of video.
? Color Burst Measures the color burst amplitude of a color camera.
? Focus is the maximum reading that corresponds to the most accurate focus.

This product also has a protective casing option in the OBC-12. You can find the VM417 diagnostic test meter here for only $585.00 with bulk order discounts available.

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