Alternative Mounting Solutions

This is a quick post to help showcase a couple of the alternative security camera mounting solutions available.  So if you want to mount your surveillance cameras in a variety of places; some of which may be unsuitable for your standard CCTV mounting brackets; then these may provide the fix your looking for.

The GOLD G-MONMT Double Stick Mount

This CCTV mount is unlike most as it applies a double sided stick technology to allow you to mount your security camera to surfaces such as glass or plastic.  This camera mount can mount any standard weight security cameras and provide a solid connection for a long time.

GOLD G-MONMT Double Sided Sticky Surface Camera Mount

The SMC-100 Magnetic Mount

Have a large metal surface you need to be able to mount your security camera to but you are unable to drill any holes?  This is where the SMC-100 comes into play.  The SMC CCTV mount provides a magnetic mount solution with a whopping one hundred pound pull.  Gain the ability to mount your favorite security camera to a metal surface with confidence that it is in good hands.

SMC 100 Pound Pull Magnetic Mount

SMC 100 Pound Pull Magnetic Mount


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