Analog Is On It’s Way Out – So Grab A Deal

With the rapid rise of IP and HD-SDI based surveillance systems, it is a bleak future for the once dominant analog surveillance equipment.  This isn’t a bad thing though, in fact the advancement into these new digital security technologies has allowed for many new features and capabilities that weren’t possible with analog.  A key feature being the advancement of mobile monitoring and recording, which allows for quicker review and action to be taken when necessary.

4 Camera 16 Channel IP Surveillance Kit

Now if you’re still using analog surveillance equipment and can’t afford the upgrade to a newer HD system, there’s no need to fear.  In fact there is a very nice silver lining to the downfall of analog surveillance, and that would be the rapid decline in price for the equipment.  You can now upgrade your analog cctv system or build a brand new one for an extremely discounted price.  You can even upgrade your analog system to near HD video quality with 700TVL security cameras.

HomeBasic 4 Channel Surveillance System W/ Outdoor Cameras

So whether you want to upgrade or to build a new system, there are still a number of options available.  In fact you can take a look at some of our extreme discounts on analog surveillance equipment here.

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