Astrotel’s WD1-C – A Quick Overview

Astrotel’s WD1-C – A Quick Overview

By Christian M Gillman

There is a new product in the CCTV marketplace, and it is ready to take the place of older analog wireless surveillance camera solutions. This new product is the WD1-C and it is a single surveillance camera package using digital wireless signals.

Before we go further into the CCTV camera and its features lets first talk a bit about its manufacturer. Astrotel is an international supplier and manufacturer of exceptional surveillance equipment and security devices for all kinds of CCTV applications. They have entered the marketplace with a slew of great new digital wireless surveillance equipment just in time; as analog wireless CCTV products are beginning to become obsolete and less desirable.

Astrotel WD1-C 2.4Ghz Digital Wireless WeatherProof IR Security Camera W/ Audio

Digital Wireless Signal

The key feature of the WD1-C surveillance camera is its use of a 2.4Ghz auto selection DIGITAL wireless signal. Unlike a 2.4Ghz ANALOG solution this is not prone to interference or distortion from other wireless signals in the area; such as a wireless phones or routers.

The auto selection capability of this unit also makes it so you can have a wide array of this wireless equipment in use at the same time, due to its 80 available channels. A normal analog signal on the other hand would only allow for around 4 at a time.

Large Distance Capabilities

I have personally tested the WD1-C in 2 different circumstances and it has proven to be extremely reliable.

In my first test we were able to get a usable and rather high quality image and audio signal when we had the transmitter placed inside our office facility surrounded by electronics; and then we had the receiver placed in our warehouse that is around 150ft away. In this test the signal had to travel through 2 brick walls with metal sheeting on the sides.

In the second test I placed the transmitter and receiver in a straight line of sight setup outside; and we were then able to receive a solid video and audio signal at about 650ft away.

Needless to say we were extremely impressed by the capabilities this camera had in both these scenarios.

Other Useful Features

IR Capability

This security camera has 24 IR LEDs that can operate up to 30ft; and I also tested this feature and found it to provide a high quality picture in low light scenarios.


This camera comes with a standard 3.6mm wide angle lens.

Other features that this camera includes are MPEG4 encoding, a 1/4″ SONY chipset, 12Mbps video bit rates, and audio transmission.

In the end the Astrotel WD1-C wireless security camera is a great leap forward in wireless security technologies. Is it the highest quality and most versatile security camera on the market; not really, but it is a great tool for use in home applications and small business environments.

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