Be Like Bond!

Ever wanted to be like James Bond and have a bevy of great spy gadgets at your disposal?  No time is like the present, and we have a great selection of spy gadgets for you to choose from.  To begin lets talk about the fantastic spy-watch camera!

The GOLD CCTV SpyWatch is a great covert camera that is built into a functioning wrist watch. In fact this a perfect tool for those in private investigations. So if you have any P.I. friends, then make sure to tell them all about this great spy gadget.

GOLD CCTV SpyWatch 4GB Covert Spy Gadget Wrist Watch W/ USB Output

Features of this spy gadget include an internal 4GB storage device, USB output, a lithium ion battery, AVI compression, and more!

So come take a look at this great spy gadget and all the others that we have to offer!

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