Behemoth 128 Channel Network Video Recorder

The GEN IV Technology G4-6000 is a larger than life network video recorder for use with up to 128 IP cameras, so needless to say this NVR is made for large business or industrial applications. With the ability to process and monitor 128 different IP cameras at once, you also have the ability to record 128 @ D1, 64 @ 720P or 32 security cameras at full blown 1080P!

128 Channel Super Network Video Recorder With Up To 64TB Internal Storage

Additional features of the G4-6000 NVR include smartphone support, multiple outputs (HDMI, BNC, & VGA), motion detection, CMS support, and a built in web server. Furthermore there are upgrade options available to add hard drive capacity up to 64TB and you can even add on a built in 7″ LCD monitor to the front of the NVR unit!


Features Include:

  • Up to 32 channel HD real time transmission
  • Up to 128 channel@D1, 64 channel@720P, 32 channel@1080P real time recording
  • 2 HDMI Output, VGA, BNC & 7” HD LCD Display
  • Available with or without front panel LCD Display
  • Support 16 hot-swap SATA HDDs up to 64 TB
  • Built In Web Server, CMS (PSS) & G4SS (Smart Phone)
  • & More…

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