C or CS Mount Lenses

On your typical “body” or “box” style security camera, the lens mounting appears to be identical to any other camera of the same type.  On more than one occasion, I have had to help someone trouble shoot the inability to get a clear focus on their box type security camera when setting up with a new lens etc..  Below is a little explanation on which helps to clear it up.

Most modern security cameras and lenses are generally CS mount rather than C mount. With CS mount cameras both types of lenses can be used but the C mount lens (typically ZOOM lenses still are “C” format) requires a 5mm ring to be fitted between the camera and lens to achieve a focused image. (Also, without this ring you may damage your ccd chip) With C mount cameras it is not possible to use CS mount lenses as it is not physically possible to mount the lens close enough to the CCD to achieve a focused image.

So when I get these calls, usually the quick answer is “take the lens ring off,”  As the imager cannot get close enough to the CCD.

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