Create A Covert Book Camera

Create A Covert Book Camera

By Christian M Gillman

A fun and creative project you can do at home is to create your own covert surveillance camera that is inside of a book. To do this we will quickly go over what you will need, and a few of the down and dirty steps to get a covert book camera made.

What You Will Need

1. A Hard Cover Book.

A. Go to your local salvation army or a garage sale around town, and find a cheap hardcover copy of something that wouldn’t seem out of place in your home. A black book is best for the covertness of it all.

2. A Drill

3. A Glue Gun

4. A Measuring Tape (Optional)

5. A Mini Surveillance Camera With A Pinhole Lens (EX: Cop CG36)

6. An Hour Or So Of Free Time

7. A Box Cutter

Bookcam Covert Book Security Camera

First Step

You will need to measure your camera or eyeball its dimensions and use your box cutter to cut a hole out of your books pages. Make sure that it is deep enough to fit the camera in and close the book as normal. When you do this, make sure to do it in the center of the book up against the spine; while making sure not to cut into the spine or rip the pages out.

Second Step

Use your drill and drill into the spine of your book towards the hole you cut out. Make sure you are using a drill bit that is roughly the same size or only slightly larger than your pinhole lens.

Third Step

Cut a pathway for your cameras cables to go through; leading from your main camera cutout to the backside of your book. Once again be careful not to rip out your pages and make sure the channel is deep enough for the cables to rest in while keeping the book closed as normal.

Step Four

Position your surveillance camera in your cutout with the lens looking through the hole you drilled. Now use your glue gun to glue your camera in place and keep it secure. When you do this; it is imperative that you make sure not to get glue on your lens or in your cable ports either.

Step Five

Let the glue dry, close the book, hook up your cables, and set it in place as your brand new covert solution.

This is a quick and dirty way of building a covert book camera, and it can become a much more customized and creative project if your willing to spend the time on it.

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