Create A Super Wide Angle Security Camera

Have an old C/CS mount surveillance camera lying around? Want to make a super wide angle “fish eye” style security camera for your surveillance system? If you follow these steps you can easily make a fish eye lens setup at an affordable price.

Items Required Before Beginning

1.  Standard C/CS mount box style cctv camera
2.  C/CS lens to board lens adapter (EX: the COP-USA LC001)
3.  Wide angle fish eye M12 style board lens (1.78mm lens)
4.  10 – 15 minutes of free time

Step One

Unpack all of your various cctv components and get them lined up and easy to access when needed.

Step Two

If your C/CS mount security camera already has a lens on it or a lens cap make sure to remove these and then attach the lens adapter (LC001) and make sure it is securely tightened and attached to the camera. It should easily screw into the cameras lens mounting system (make sure not to strip the threads).

Step Three

Take your M12 board lens (generally 1.78mm in size for fish eye) and attach it to the camera through the adapter. Make sure it is secure and not going to fall off.

Cop 15-L017S Mini Lens 1.78mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens (Fish Eye View)

Step Four

Power up your cctv camera and attach it to a cctv monitor, PC monitor, or a television and adjust your cctv lens to achieve a proper focus and picture clarity.

Step Five

Mount your security camera and hook it into your surveillance system. Voila! You now have a super wide angle security camera with a fish eye lens.

This fish eye lens will allow you to get a nice wide angle view of your home or business and see a large area of activity. This is perfect for convenience store applications.

These steps can also be used to attach any kind of M12 board lens to your C/CS mount security camera; it does not specifically have to be a fish eye cctv lens.

If you are starting from scratch all of this can generally be done for around $100 to $150. If you already have the security camera however this can be done for under $50.

A tip to help keep cost down is to ask your surveillance provider if they have any b-stock or clearance sale C/CS mount security cameras. The other parts needed are generally really cheap as it is, but you may be able to save on the security camera.

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