Digital Surveillance Is Taking Over

Digital Surveillance Is Taking Over

By Christian M Gillman

When it comes to wireless security cameras and surveillance technology; analog signals have been the dominant form factor for the better part of a decade. 900Mhz, 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz – These have all been the standard wireless frequencies for your analog wireless security cameras, but they have slowly begun to decline and falter, and digital technologies are taking their place.

The Reason For The Decline

There are many reasons as to why analog signals are being used less and less; and we will address a few of the more well known reasons.


This was a widely used wireless signal frequency that provided for great strength and reliability back in the day; alas this frequency has been taken over and is now only permitted for government and law enforcement use.

2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz

These were two of the most popular frequencies back in the day (especially 2.4Ghz), but as time progressed they became more and more prone to interference from cordless phones and other new technologies; which in turn led to a decline in their use and to more widespread usage of 900Mhz solutions.


For a time this was known as the interference free savior that was to replace 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz surveillance equipment, and it did just that for a short time. It seems now however that the FCC has found it to conflict with cellular towers and other communications technologies, so it has been regulated more extensively and multiple channel devices are no longer able to be used for the most part.

The Future

The failings of these analog signals has led to a need for a wireless cctv solution without these problems; this is where digital signals have stepped up to the plate and began to take over in the surveillance industry.

New products such as the DigiAir-SD or the WD1-C have created new interference free solutions with features such as channel hoping, wider channel capabilities, and higher transmission capabilities. With new features such as these and much more; it is only a matter of time before digital surveillance equipment is the new norm.

Astrotel WD1-C 2.4Ghz Digital Wireless WeatherProof IR Security Camera W/ Audio

WIFI Solutions

WIFI and IP cctv equipment is a great surveillance system solution beyond that of digital and analog signal technologies, but it is still a rather expensive route to go, and it requires the presence of an established network and internet capabilities. So for now it is a steady, but not yet dominant solution in the wireless surveillance world.

Ultimately wireless cctv equipment and products are now facing a new road where they will no longer be relying on faulty analog signals, but rather they will be heading towards a digital future with a wider range of possibilities.

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