Don’t leave home without it!

For installers and mobile surveillance users alike; a portable test monitor can be a great asset.  Whether you need something that can be quickly transferred from surveillance system to surveillance system, or a fast way to test camera video connections;  a good cctv test monitor can make a whole world of difference.

With this in mind lets take a look at the COP-USA MC056 5.6″ test monitor.

The COP-USA MC056 color setup monitor is unique and affordable. This high quality security monitor can be fitted to any number of cctv applications as it also has 2 audio inputs channels.

COP-USA MC056 5.6" Color 2 Channel TFT CCTV Setup Security Monitor

It can be used as a set-up monitor, or in any other manner. Aside from the rack mount style, there is also 1/4-20 mounts at the top, bottom and side of this cctv monitor for flexible adaptation.

Furthermore storage temperatures on the MC056 range from minus 20 degrees C to 60 degrees C as well.

Additional features can be found here:

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