Dummy Deterrent For Your Business

Dummy Deterrent For Your Business

By Christian M Gillman

A lot of people will be on the fence as to whether they want a surveillance system installed in their business or not. Factors such as cost, installation, and use can be daunting for some; especially when they can’t guarantee or foresee the possible benefits. To help make this decision there is an alternative however… Dummy Cameras!

Security Camera Deterrent Factor

Having a visible and obvious security camera in place can serve as a deterrent to would be thieves and burglars. This won’t deter all delinquents, but it may create a drop in your average thefts and monetary losses.

If a dummy camera does create a drop in crime at your store or business it can then give you a more positive outlook about getting a full fledged surveillance system that can help you eliminate the rest through targeted surveillance.

Dummy Dome Surveillance Camera

Attack The Senses

When using a dummy camera you want it to be in plain sight and if possible creating some sort of motion. In effect you want to stimulate a would be criminals senses as much as possible. So with a camera that is moving on a PTZ head or just blinking a light you are adding to their concern and creating a more believable facade. Additionally you might use a dummy camera with a periodic beep to let their hearing deceive them as well.

Another quick deterrent to help build upon the deception is to make or buy a sign that relays the use of surveillance at your facility.

One thing to note is that even though you want your dummy camera to be clearly visible; you still want to make sure it is not easily accessible and able to be tampered with.

Create A Dummy Camera

Instead of buying a brand new dummy camera you might be able to save even more money by purchasing a dead or malfunctioning security camera that would otherwise have been thrown away. In fact some surveillance equipment providers will save their broken cameras for just that purpose. So it may be worth your time to take a few minutes and ask your surveillance provider if they have any dead security cameras for sale.

Ultimately by using a dummy camera you can test out a cheap alternative to the real thing and see if it has an effect on your bottom line. In doing this you can spend around $20 – $40 vs the $60+ price-tag a real security camera would cost. This will help you determine if a surveillance system is worth it for your business.

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