Expand or Enhance Your Home Theater!

We have recently added a number of great accessories that can help to expand your home theater system, and we would like to introduce a couple of them.

First is a fantastic remote power device that allows you turn on and off your electronics from anywhere in the world over the internet!  Think about it!  You could reboot your computer or servers should a problem arise, you could shut your entertainment system to ensure your kids are going to bed on time, or you could even turn things on for guests who might be staying in your home.  So ladies and gentlemen let us introduce the SRP-08RUS from Smart-AVI!



Next up we have a media distribution box that will allow you to send your audio and video signals up to a whopping 1000ft further! This means you have a much wider range for installing speakers and optical devices for your home theater system. This could mean that you can install speakers in all the rooms throughout your house, so as to not ever be away from your music or audio.  Introducing the HDP-RXS from Smart-AVI.



There are of course a lot more of these type of products available to help upgrade the quality of your AV systems, and we want to make sure you also have a chance to check them out.  So take a look at the link below and see all the great things you can do to build your ultimate entertainment system!


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