Free CCTV Training Sessions

Every once in a while there will be free training seminars and webinars offered by surveillance manufacturers, as a way of informing people about their new products and technologies.  These sessions can be very informative and help people gain a better understanding of the surveillance equipment that they are using.

In fact this coming Wednesday (7/20) and Thursday (7/21) there will be 2 free webinars offered by Everfocus CCTV Products.  These 2 webinars will focus on how HD cctv works, and on learning how to connect your DVR and PTZ cameras in an EKB configuration.

Everfocus CCTV Products

The HD CCTV webinar can be registered for here:

The DVR configuration webinar can be found here:

So if you are looking to learn a bit more about the surveillance industry; why not give these a try.  Also don’t forget to check your favorite cctv manufacturers websites for more great tutorials, webinars, and training sessions.

Furthermore you can find some great Everfocus cctv products here:

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