Grab a Tissue & Smile

Grab a tissue and smile…Your on camera!

The COP USA TBX-DVRWF security camera has a number of useful features that help in a variety of different surveillance applications. Number one on the features list for this security camera is it’s WiFi capabilities. This security camera can sync up to your network and broadcast its video for you to pick up on your NVR.

WiFi IP Covert Tissue Box Security Camera

Of course the WiFi isn’t the only thing going for this covert camera. In fact this WiFi camera has a number of other useful features that include H.264 video compression, a 2.5mm pinhole lens, and even 540TVL resolution. So all in all the TBX-DVRWF covert camera can be of great service to a number of different cctv systems.

Wait you didn’t think we were going to gloss over the fact that this is a covert camera did you? No this is indeed an amazingly covert and useful camera for discrete surveillance, as it is disguised as a harmless seeming tissue box!

Take a look…

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