Great Low Profile HD-SDI Camera

The KT&C USA HDB230M is a miniature bullet camera solution that is of great benefit in concealed or covert surveillance systems. This HD-SDI camera is able to be used both indoors or outdoors due to its weatherproof rating and it also has a wider angle 3.7mm lens.

Additional features of the HDB230M security camera include an outstanding 1080P resolution, digital day / night, a 1.0 lux rating, 12VDC power, and so much more!

Weatherproof HD-SDI Miniature Bullet Camera W/ 1080P Resolution & 3.7mm Lens

HD-SDI cameras are capable of being used over existing coaxial cctv cables from older analog surveillance systems, as long as they are used in conjunction with an HD-SDI surveillance DVR!

Take a look and learn more about this great HD-SDI camera.

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