HD is The Way to Be

HD is infiltrating the surveillance marketplace and offering unparalleled picture qualities for highly detailed and revealing surveillance footage.  In fact the new and exciting KPC-HDX131C by KT&C is plowing the way through its competition as an exceptional and amazing piece of surveillance equipment.

This C/CS mount security camera can offer 720P and 1080P surveillance footage all using a 1.3MP cctv lens.  Furthermore this security camera does not skimp when it comes to its other features:  with true mechanical day / night and RS485 communication this camera is ready to be your surveillance workhorse.

Ultimately HD is the inevitable future in the surveillance industry as people are looking for higher resolutions and quality images for their security applications.

KT&C KPC-HDX131C CS/C Mount 1.3MP HD 720P Day/Night Security Camera

Additional features that this camera has is as follows:

■ 1.3 MP 720P 30fps (Standard)
■ 1.3 MP 1080P 30fps (Upscaling)
■ Easy Installation (HD Over Coax (BNC))
■ HD-SDI (Serial Data Interface Type Video Output)
■ Selectable TV Out ( NTSC/PAL)
■ True Mechanical Day & Night
■ Min. Illumination of 0.04 Lux (DSS On)
■ Multi Language Convenient OSD

Furthermore this camera can be reviewed at http://www.cu1.com/kpchdx131c.html

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