Its a Camera… No Its a DVR… No Its DigiAir-SD!

If your a looking for a wireless surveillance camera and DVR setup for use in your home or business; then this is the perfect system for you.  This wireless camera system uses a wireless digital signal to avoid all interference that would prevent an analog system from working.  Furthermore the receiver of this unit has a built in DVR that records to an SD card and stores your surveillance footage for later use; hell it even has motion detection.

The DigiAir-SD system is made by Securityman so its no surprise that this unit is as high quality as it is innovative.  To add to the already amazing list of features this security camera system can have up to 4 cameras installed on it, has built in audio recording, an IP33 weather proof rating, and it has LEDs for low light surveillance.

Securityman DigiAir-SD Digital Outdoor Wireless Camera System W/ SD DVRThe possibilities this security camera system has are many, but why not take a look at it and decide for yourself how it can work in your applications.

In fact here are a few more of its outstanding features and a link to even more great information on this surveillance system.

■ Camera built-in infrared LEDs for night vision up to 50ft (B/W)
■ Schedule, manual, or motion detection recording
■ Records video clips or photos to SD card (up to 32GB) with time stamp
■ Approximately 62 hours of video or 1.157 million photos for a 32GB (not included) of storage
■ Overwrites when SD is full
■ Toggle between quad live view display, single full, or sequential single full screen display

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