Last Of The CRTs

As we’ve talked about in the past; we are facing a quick downfall of CRT style security monitors.  In fact we have almost reached the end of the line and we have now only 2 B&W surveillance monitors left, and once they are gone, its permanent.

After these 2 monitors are sold we will no longer have any B&W surveillance monitor CRTs available and it will be the last time anyone can get them brand new.  So if you are in the manufacturing sector or just happen to have an application where a 9″ B&W CRT style security monitor is needed; you are going to want to jump on these quick or else you may face problems later on when you are unable to find one.

Speco VM901B 9" B&W 800 Line Resolution Metal Security Monitor

Speco VM901B 9" B&W Security Monitor

These monitors go by the name VM901B and they are offered by Speco at a decent price with a solid construction and nice features.  These features include an 800 TV line resolution, a metal casing, and a black finish.  More information can be found on our main site.

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