Make Your Own Covert Surveillance Product

Need a covert surveillance solution specifically tailored to your application?  Why not build one yourself?

With the proper equipment you can easily design and build your own covert security camera system that suits your needs.

COP-USA BC25S Color CCTV Board Security Camera 90 Degree Pinhole Lens

Here are a few basic items you’ll need to get started.

1.  A small miniature or board style security camera.  As found here:

2. A power source whether you use a battery pack or a 12VDC adapter.  As found here:

3.  A video cable or wireless transmitter.  As found here: or here

With these 3 basic items and a little ingenuity you can create your own covert solution out of a plethora of things including books, teddy bears, plants, light fixtures, door peepholes, and so much more.


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