Military Grade Thermal Imaging Available

If you’re looking for a military grade PTZ dome camera then you have found the behemoth that COP-USA knows as the CD57NV. This thermal imaging PTZ camera is military grade all around and is made to meet the Mil-Std-810 and IP66 standards that it needs to.

Additionally this dome camera remains strong when the conditions become adverse; with moisture resistance, water proofing, and a large detection range; this thermal imaging camera is able to be used in full darkness, haze, smog, and other extremely harsh environments.

Further features of the COP-USA CD57NV PTZ camera include an unlimited 360 degree pan and 180 degree tilt range, as well as the ability to use a 24VAC power supply.

COP-USA CD57NV-TI Mil-STD-810 Military Grade Thermal Imaging PTZ Dome Camera

Features Include:

  • Boasts the worlds most advanced third generation uncooled VOx infrared focal plane array (FPA) with 320 x 240 pixels.
  • Affords outstanding image quality and thermal sensitivity that can detect temperature difference less than or equal to 85mK (or <35mK at F/1).
  • With a detection range over 500m, the PTZ camera is able to generate well defined images in full darkness, haze, and smog.
  • The infrared thermal imager and the camera perform around the clock monitoring through video switch. The built-in heater ensures the display can show perfect monitoring images even in chilly and
    extremely harsh environments.
  • Robust protection for their crucial parts meets the standard of U.S. military Mil-Std-810 and IP66, which is moisture resistant and waterproof, and both components work well within the temperature range of -32C ~ +55C.
  • Unlimited 360 Degree Pan and 180 Degree Tilt range guarantee nonexistence of dead spots.
  • 6 cruising tracks and 128 preset positions.
  • Power input for general monitoring purposes is 24VAC

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