New Covert Camera & DVR Solution

Securityman is on a run and releasing some great new cctv products; which now includes the all new ClockCamDVR!

The Securityman ClockCamDVR is designed for users who want to discreetly monitor their visitors, strangers, babysitters, and business activities. It includes a hidden camera in a functional wall clock and it records to micro SD (not included).

The Securityman ClockCamDVR security camera can be installed in seconds and it is a hassle free solution that doesn’t need to run long video cables. Simply mount the clock DVR (Digital Video Recorder) at a desired location, connect the power, and you’re ready to record. It is a perfect security product for homes and small businesses.

Securityman ClockCamDVR Wall Clock Color Camera

Here are a few of the ClockCamDVR’s amazing features:

■ Do-it-yourself, easy to setup and use
■ Hidden wireless color camera built-in functional wall-clock
■ Crystal clear video quality recording with VGA, D1or HD in AVI format
■ Motion and pre-alarm (3 sec.) recording
■ Record to micro SD card (not included, up to 32GB/36hrs)
■ Overwrite function when SD is full
■ And Many More…

To find out more about his great new covert security solution, just visit this link:

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