New To Surveillance? Start Small

New To Surveillance? Start Small

By Christian M Gillman

If you are delving into the use and setup of surveillance equipment for the first time; you are going to want to start small and take it slow if you can. When building a surveillance system there are hundreds of different technologies and pieces of equipment that can quickly become overwhelming; so take it one step at a time.

Pre-configured Surveillance Systems

A lot of surveillance equipment distributors will offer pre-made packages for sale that will have the basic necessities to monitor your home or business. Generally these systems are smaller in size and only go up to about 4 security cameras; as they are meant for small security applications and quick setup time.

This is a good way to go for the less technically adept and time constricted individual as most of these systems are plug and play and require little know how beyond the ability to follow instructions. On the downside however these surveillance systems have little room for expansion and generally they are built in a set way that leaves little room for upgrade and variety of cctv components.

Astrotel DVR-DIG4 2.4Ghz Digital Wireless 4 Channel DVR/Camera Surveillance SystemBasic Surveillance Needs

If you decide not to go with a pre-configured surveillance system and rather piece it out yourself for your own needs; then there are a few basic components you will want to make sure you have.

We wont go into what each of these things are in much detail as that could fill multiple articles, but this is a quick list of the types of components you will want to make sure you have.

Security Camera

Watch and monitor your home or business with this device. A lens may also be necessary depending on the type of cctv camera.

CCTV Mount

Secure and attach your security camera to a wall, ceiling, stand, etc…

CCTV Cables

Necessary to get your video signal to your monitoring or recording device (unless you are using a wireless solution).

Monitoring / Recording Device (DVR / CCTV Monitor)

Something to receive your security cameras video signal and record it, display it, or both.

Power Supply & Adapters

Make sure all of your surveillance equipment has power to operate.

Only Necessity

When purchasing your first surveillance system; you should really attempt to only purchase what products are absolutely necessary to get you up and running. Sometimes the technophiles in all of us can become attracted to all the shiny new toys and accessories that are available, but when first learning the equipment you want to keep a basic level until you’re more familiarized with it.

Talk To A Surveillance Installer / Distributor

Finally before you make any purchases you should talk with your local surveillance installer or a customer service agent from the distributor you’re buying from. They can be extremely helpful in making sure that you are purchasing the correct surveillance equipment for your application. They can also be a great wealth of information and knowledge as you learn the equipment and its uses.

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