Old School – Block Your CATV Channels

We have a number of tier trap filters that can block out certain channels within your CATV system.  These filters block out full channel segments such as 72 -76 or 62 – 66.  Additionally we have filters that can block out channels above a certain number such as channel 60 and above or channel 78 and above.  This may be a little bit of an old school technology, but it can definitely help to block out unwanted signals.

Tier Trap Filter For Blocking Channels 72 - 76

All of these filters can be found here when you scroll down the page about half way.  http://www.cu1.com/channelvision.html

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  1. Web
    December 11, 2015 at 4:36 am

    Don’t forget, we can also split the signal if you only want to block certain devices from having those channels!


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