Perfection Nearly Be Thy Name

Dome cameras are one of the most popular styles of security camera to use in a wide array of applications.  In fact I would go as far to say that they are the second most popular if not the most popular type next to C/CS mount security cameras.  Dome cameras can offer great versatility when it comes to features, and there are a lot of different options to choose from;  I would like to take this time however to talk about one specific dome camera.  The GOLD CD5 is newer to the marketplace and hasn’t gained a lot of recognition yet, but I feel it is primed to become a very popular piece of cctv equipment.

Lets step outside and take a look at the capabilities we are given with this cctv camera.  First of all this is an outdoor camera that offers a few different protections against the elements.  To begin we have a standard IP66 weatherproof rating that allows this camera to perform in your standard rain, sleet, and snow conditions.  Next we have 24 IR LED’s that are ready to provide you with a low light and no light solution for recording.  Finally this is topped off with an armor dome casing that protects it from electrical and lightning surges.  So with all of this put together we are basically given a security camera disguised as a tank.

GOLD CD5 1/3" 700TVL High Res. Infrared Armor Dome Security CameraNow lets quickly look at one other important features this dome camera has to offer.  One big seller of this camera is its absolutely outstanding 700 TVL resolution; thats right 700 TVL.  With a nearly HD resolution this security camera can provide an absolutely outstanding and clear picture for fine detail surveillance.

Now here are a few more features this camera bring to the table:

■ 1/3″ Format Sony Exview Super HAD2 CCD
■ 700TVL Resolution
■ 3.6mm CCTV Lens
■ 24 IR LEDs
■ IP66 Weatherproof Rating

In the end this camera is undoubtedly an amazing piece of hardware; especially when you find out it has a price point of under $120!!!

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