Provide Internet To Your Network DVR

Provide Internet To Your Network DVR
By Christian M Gillman

So you’ve bought a DVR for your surveillance system, and you want to network it so you can view it remotely over the internet. There are a few ways this can be accomplished, and we will take a look at a few of them.

Bring The DVR To The Router

The first and easiest way to get your DVR hooked into your network is to simply install the DVR next to your internet capable router, and hook up an Ethernet cable in between the two; thus providing your network connection.

The other way is to run an Ethernet cable from your router all the way to wherever your DVR is installed. This can be tricky if the run is rather long and complicated, and if this is the route you want to go; then you may need to hire a third party installer to run the cable for you; depending on the complexity of the run.

Wireless Bridge

Sometimes getting a direct Ethernet cable from the router to the DVR may not be a viable option, and you may need to look for an alternative solution. This is where having a wireless router comes in handy.

If you have a wireless router; you can purchase a wireless Ethernet bridge that will receive your wireless signal and re-transmit it for a boosted signal, and it will provide an Ethernet port in which you can connect to your DVR right at its installed location. This makes the need to run a cable from your actual router unnecessary.

You may have to hook the wireless Ethernet bridge up to a computer first and get it configured with your router before bringing it to your DVR and connecting it.

3G Connectivity

Sometimes you may not have the luxury of a readily available network internet connection, and you will need an alternative to this for network connectivity; 3G provides the alternative to this dilemma. If you have a cell phone on a carrier with 3G connectivity and you have a strong signal at your DVRs location; you can use that signal to provide internet capabilities to your DVR.

To do this you will need to provide your DVR with your cell phone number and other pertinent carrier information; so it can grab hold of that cellular signal and use it to transmit.

It should be noted however that 3G connectivity is a rather new feature for DVRs and is not available on all models.

With these various methods of connecting your DVR to the internet; it should be enough for most end user applications.

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