Quick Surveillance Equipment Benefits

There are a lot of surveillance gadgets in the world, and to list them all would take a novel filled with information. To tackle this task and for times sake we will take a look at a few of the main surveillance system components and the basic benefits that they provide.

Dummy Cameras & Warning Signs

Dummy cameras provide a cost effective deterrent against would be criminals when your budget won’t allow for a fully functioning surveillance system.


The benefits of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) in a surveillance system are many, but the most basic benefit is that a DVR allows for the storage and playback of surveillance footage at a later date. An example would be if a criminal decided to destroy or steal your security camera itself. The footage of him doing so would still be saved onto your DVR.

Security Cameras

Beyond the aesthetic value they provide as a deterrent, security cameras also provide you with a means of monitoring your home or business for any ner-do-wells or miscreants.

Out of the many styles and configurations; lets take a look at two types of security cameras.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are rather handy as a majority of them (Not All) offer a great solution for outdoor surveillance. Bullet cameras usually come with a built-in lens as well; this way you don’t have to purchase an extra CCTV lens.

Vandal Proof Cameras

The name says it all. With vandal proof security cameras you gain the piece of mind that for someone to mess with your surveillance system, they are going to have to bring a hammer, a blowtorch, and Andre The Giant.

CCTV Cables

The benefits of using CCTV cables is the ability to install large surveillance systems with great stability and range. A downfall however is the need for installation and cable management when compared against a wireless option.

Wireless Video Transmitters

Wireless equipment can be handy in a pinch as it enables wireless transmission of your security camera footage to your DVR, CCTV monitor, etc… It does however have its downfalls which include decreased range (when compared to a hardwired solution) and possible interference from other wireless sources.

What is seen here is only a few of the CCTV components available and used in surveillance systems, but they are some of the main pieces; so it is a good idea to be aware of the potential benefits they provide.

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