Save Money on Surveillance

Save Money on Surveillance

By Christian M Gillman

For a lot of people surveillance is a luxury that they would like to have, but don’t think of it as an affordable expense. Well these are a few possible ideas and solutions to help alleviate the costs of surveillance ownership.

Neighborhood Surveillance

If you live in a rougher neighborhood with a slew of burglaries or break-ins happening on a regular basis, chances are others around you wish they could help prevent and ultimately stop this as well. Instead of one person on the block purchasing a surveillance system for their home you could convince a few of the neighbors to pool their resources and purchase a security system to help safeguard a few of the houses or the neighborhood depending on how involved you want it to be. This could help put the cost burden on multiple people rather than one individual.

Build Piece By Piece

For most consumers they tend to think about purchasing their entire surveillance system in one swift action. Finally when they see the price of doing it this way it discourages them from even attempting to have a surveillance setup. Instead of focusing on the whole system, try and think about the most basic possibilities such as a simple security camera connected to your TV and VCR. By doing this it allows you to potentially purchase one item at a time and slowly build up your surveillance system when your budget allows. Eventually you will end up with the system you originally envisioned, and it may even save you money in the long run because surveillance products, as with most technology, tend to drop in price as time goes on.

Gold G-IR Color 420 TV Line 3.6mm Infrared CCTV Dome Security Camera

B Stock Options

Most merchants tend to advertise their newest and most expensive items to the general public, but what you should know is that a lot of the time there are cheaper used and B stock items available for even some of these new products. When a customer purchases a product and then returns it, a lot of the time that product has to be turned into a Used/B-stock item even if it hasn’t been used or just barely touched. When this B stock name gets put onto a product it generally drops the price of that product significantly.

It is a lot like driving a brand new car off of a lot and then losing half your original value almost immediately. Many manufacturers are more than glad to sell their B-Stock items; because if they don’t they may end up sitting on them until they are obsolete; at which point the product becomes a total loss. So to help save money on your surveillance equipment it can be a good idea to contact whomever your purchasing your products from and see if they have a B-stock option available.

These are just a few ways in which a surveillance consumer can help save themselves a headache and a strain on their wallet when shopping for CCTV products. Honestly who doesn’t like saving money; especially in these trying economic times.

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