Simple Security Setup

Looking for a quick security camera setup for simple home applications such as monitoring your kids or maybe overlooking your business lobby?  Have a limited budget and want to start small?  Are you technologically challenged and looking for a hassle free installation.  If your answer to these questions is yes; then you should look into the Mini-Airwatch wireless camera system.

Securityman Mini-Airwatch Wireless Security Camera SystemThis wireless camera system is as simple as it gets and can provide a quick solution for your surveillance needs.  Utilizing a 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver you can eliminate the need for cctv cable installation.  Furthermore this system can transmit up to 100ft which provides you with a bit more versatility in your setup.

A few more features include:

■ Wireless video direct to your TV, VCR, or even DVR
■ High-quality picture and sound transmitting and receiving
■ Up to 100 feet away indoor or 300 feet away clear line of sight
■ Battery operable camera for temporary usage (2-3 hrs)

It should be noted however that since this security camera does run on a 2.4Ghz frequency; it does have the potential to interfere with cordless phones that run on this frequency.

This product can also be found here for further information:

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