Solar Powered Security

Go green with the SecurityMan SM-3803 inexpensive solar dummy camera. It can be used to increase security presence for your home or business, and it features an energy saving designed solar panel capable of charging rechargeable batteries and conserve/extend the battery life of standard batteries (2 x AAA requires, battery not included).

The SM-3803 solar dummy camera has a built-in solar panel that will recycle indoor lights of 100+ Lux as a power source or it will use battery power instead. Generally, two AAA batteries could last up to three years instead of one year.

This Securityman dummy solar security camera is equipped with a flashing red LED light which enhances the presence of the camera and security. Professionally designed to purposely deter unwanted intruders and solicitors with just a fraction of a cost of a real security camera. Mix this in with real cameras or with more dummy cameras for a more dynamic presence or use it individually to increase security deterrents anywhere.

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