Tips To Enhance Your Surveillance System

Tips To Enhance Your Surveillance System

By Christian M Gillman

As your surveillance system gets older and more outdated; you may want to add functionality and equip it to last you a while longer. There are several different surveillance accessories you can get to help enhance and upgrade your CCTV security system without having to buy brand new equipment.


Want to be able to monitor audio at your business, but you security camera doesn’t have an audio feature? With a small external microphone you can quickly and rather cheaply add a microphone to your security camera and solve your problem. In fact most DVR’s already have audio inputs that you can run your microphone to; however if the DVR your using doesn’t have audio, this can be solved by getting a small external audio recorder to put next to your DVR.

PIR Sensors

Many of today’s DVRs and even some from the past will have what is known as alarm inputs. These inputs can be used with devices known as PIR motion sensors. A PIR motion sensor is simply an infrared motion detector that will alert your DVR of motion and have it send some form of an alarm; be it to start recording, make noise, or to alert you via email.

These can be a great upgrade to a system that may already have all of its camera inputs filled, but still has alarm inputs available.

Ground Loop Isolators

These are an accessory that is used when you have video transmission problems. They are used to help clear up video signals and remove any interference that might be present. Generally people won’t buy these until a problem appears, but if you’ve been living with a fuzzy picture in your system for quite some time; you may want to look into getting a ground loop isolator to see if it helps clear up your picture.

Surge Protectors

Beyond a normal power strip surge protector, you may also want to look into surge protectors that help protect your video lines. In fact tying into the last accessory we talked about; many ground loop isolators come with built in surge suppression. This could lead to a dual preventative measure to help prolong your surveillance systems life.


Lastly if you have an old surveillance system, and you want to be able to change your cameras viewing angle to a narrower or wider view; instead of buying a brand new camera, you might look into changing out its lens for a fraction of the cost.

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