Use A Test Monitor For Troubleshooting

A cctv test monitor can come in rather handy when you need to troubleshoot or adjust a surveillance system.  In fact most installers will use one of these to make sure that any system they setup is correctly configured.


With a test monitor it provides a handy portable solution that makes testing individual video feeds at the source much easier.  Instead of having to dismount and bring your camera to a video output source; you can simply grab your portable monitor.

Orion 10RTC 10" LCD Premium CCTV Security Monitor With Built In Speakers

Focus, Focus, Focus

A lot of videographers will use these monitors to check their picture quality and make sure they have precise focus before shooting.  A surveillance installer can do the same thing to make sure their camera is in tip top video capturing form.

Mobile Applications

Have a mobile surveillance system installed in your vehicle?  These monitors make a great solution instead of a standard LCD monitor that require special mounting.

A plethora of these types of monitors can be found here:

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