Useful Surveillance Ideas To Watch Wildlife

Want to know what the local wildlife is up to? Want to watch your favorite furry friends in their natural habitat? No matter the reason, whether for hunting or pleasure, a surveillance system can help you do it. To give some ideas of how this can be done, let’s go over a few creative ways you can use surveillance equipment to watch wildlife.

Lipstick In The Birdhouse

When I say lipstick I don’t mean makeup. What I am referring to is also known as a bullet camera or a cylinder camera, or even sometimes a peephole camera. Whatever you want to call it, a lipstick camera is a great small sized cctv camera that could theoretically be mounted inside a bird house and used to watch birds in their homes. Additionally you could drill a small hole looking outside to watch the outside of the birdhouse by placing the camera against it. Either way this is a creative and unobtrusive way to watch your local birds in much more detail.

When looking for an appropriate camera for this project you will want to make sure that it is weatherproof rated, small enough to fit in your birdhouse, and if you have it looking inside the birdhouse don’t get one with Infrared LEDS, because they could potentially harm the birds.

Track, Plan, and Prepare To Hunt

For the avid hunter, a surveillance system can be a very helpful tool. Depending on where you’re hunting it may prove more or less difficult to have a surveillance system, but for now we will assume that problems such as power and mobility have been figured out and are a non issue. In fact we will use an example of someone who has a tree stand a few hundred yards from their home, and is able to provide power and video transmission to their cameras somewhat easily.

In this example you could use your surveillance system to not only watch your prey before you go out hunting, but also to study and learn more about them. By watching their habits and general movements you will be better prepared to place your bait piles or traps in accordance to where you now know they will be most effective. This can help save you time and effort and culminate in better results for the season.

Appropriate cameras for this are outdoor rated, have IR LEDs (preferably invisible IRs, so as not to spook the wildlife), and have a decent video resolution for detailed analysis.

Pest Patterns

Animals getting into your garbage or digging your yard up? Maybe you’re having a hard time determining where they’re coming from. With a quick setup surveillance system you can help pinpoint the source of the problem and act accordingly.

In circumstances like this a full blown surveillance system might not be the answer, but a more mobile and quick setup single camera system might be the perfect solution. Let’s say that you have raccoons getting into your garbage, but you can’t figure out where they’re coming from. With a quick setup wireless camera kit you could watch the troubled area for a few days and figure out a solution to your problem with the newly obtained evidence.

When looking for a system to help with a problem like this, you are going to want to make sure the system is outdoor rated, has a transmission distance that will work in your application, and that can record your video with features such as motion detection. A good example of a system that meets all these criteria is the DigiairWatch system by Securityman.

In the end whether you want to admire, hunt, or determine how to deter wildlife around your home or property, you can do just that with a well placed and thought out surveillance system.

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