View Your DVR From Afar

View Your DVR From Afar

By Christian M Gillman

Lets say your vacationing in Italy and want to be able to view your surveillance DVR (Digital Video Recorder)? The only problem is that your DVR is installed at your home in New Jersey. In the past, people would have looked at you and laughed, but now in the age of the internet, smart phones, and app marketplaces we have made this an all too easy project. Lets take a quick look at how remote accessing your DVR is now easier than ever.

Network Capability

The first step forward was making DVRs net-workable and capable of being connected to the internet. In doing this, people could quickly setup a remote connection to their DVR with a static IP address or with some quick port forwarding through their router. This enabled a customer or surveillance monitoring company to quickly call up the DVR in their computer browser and see what was currently going on in front of their surveillance cameras. This also made it so setting up multiple user accounts with different access levels and capabilities was much easier and more useful.

So if your in Milan and your business in Arizona is broken into; you could hypothetically give the police your footage by giving them access to the DVR over the internet; without having to fly home and deal with the situation immediately.

The main downfall to only being able to remotely access your DVR with a computers browser is that it still requires computer access. We will now look at how smart phones have changed that potential pitfall, and have added an even more flexible option for remote access.

Smart Phones Offer True Access Freedom

In a world full of people with cell phones that can now perform the functions not even fathomable by 15 year old computers; we are able to provide more efficient and flexible remote access to your DVR.

If you own a smart phone with internet capabilities such as the iPhone, blackberry, or an android and or windows based phone; you now have the capability to remotely access your DVR. Through the use of phone applications such as BuboBubo or SCDVR you can quickly setup your phone to access and view whats going on at your security system; no matter how far away.

The obvious downfall to this system is the need for cell coverage, but as networks continue to expand this is a relatively easy thing to find.

With these various options out there to remotely access your DVR; you can rest assured that your business is safe and secure and more easily adapted on the fly.

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