We Made It To Round 2!

We made it into round 2!!!! This is very exciting, but I must ask a bit more of you all. The top 20 is not going to be decided until October 13th, quite a few made it into round 2.

In the meantime I am now in the process of creating a business profile for us and a short video that tells a little about who we are. It is this information coupled along with your votes that will determine if we make it into the top 20. Also the votes have now been reset as of round 2 and it is all the more important for us to keep the voting strong.

You don’t know how much we appreciate all of this support, and how sorry I am that I have to keep spamming this to you to get votes, but from the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you to each and every person that has helped us get this far.


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