3 Extremely Helpful Surveillance Accessories

Protecting your home or business with a surveillance system is a great way to keep an eye on your assets and property; so why not protect the system that is protecting your equipment. Let’s take a look at a few different accessories that can help the longevity and usefulness of your surveillance system.

Surge Protection

There are numerous CCTV surge protectors available on the market that can connect between your camera and power source to help protect against harmful electrical surges. By taking the initiative and installing a few of these in your system, you are safeguarding it against surges from sources such as lightning strikes or power outages.

An example of a good surge protector can be found by doing a Google search for the 15-SP01. Either way by spending $20 to $30 more, you are saving yourself the harmful $100 to $200 (or more) replacement cost down the road.

Backup Batteries

A backup battery is a great asset for protecting your surveillance system. By having a backup battery that you run your CCTV equipment through; you are ensuring that a power outage isn’t going to completely interrupt your surveillance systems functions. In fact most backup batteries have surge protection units built directly into them to further safeguard your equipment.

Additionally if you life in a film style environment, where there are people who would actually go to the lengths of cutting the power to your building. You are now ensuring that you will still get useable footage of their entry even after you’ve lost power.

Protective Housings

This is something that should be taken into account when you first buy your surveillance equipment. If you plan on using your security cameras outside; then making sure you have a camera with an appropriate weatherproof rating is crucial. Additionally if you are using your security cameras inside, you will want to use either vandal resistant domes or if you are using a C/CS mount style camera, then a good housing accessory to protect against vandals is not a bad way to go.

Your security cameras may not be all that you want to protect either. If you have an expensive DVR that you don’t want anyone tampering with; then a high quality and durable DVR rackmount case is also a very good option for protecting your equipment.

By using a few of these various accessories in conjunction with each other, and by taking the initiative to have them installed; you are helping to make sure you have a happy and long lasting surveillance system. Additionally on a final note; a good measure for protecting your CCTV cables is to run them through PVC piping or conduit to protect against animals and environmental conditions.

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