4 Camera IP HD System – Under $1500 – Expand to 16!

The 16NVRKit is the ultimate IP surveillance package for home and business users alike. This surveillance kit includes 4 IP security cameras that provide for 24 hour long recording in both day and night conditions; they even are weatherproof for outdoor use.

Wait that’s not all! The G4-ES-NVR-P is a fantastic NVR that allows the user to network and access it over the internet or their smartphone, and to make sure you have plenty of room for your footage it comes with a 1TB hard drive!

4 Camera 16 Channel IP Surveillance Kit

Finally to top it all off you will get 5, 100ft UTP cables to connect your cameras, and you will get all the accessories you need to make the kit work; including camera mounts!

Additionally this is an upgradeable unit that can support up to 16 IP cameras, and it can support up to an 8TB HDD capacity!


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