4 Creative Ideas For The Car Cam DVR

The “Car Cam DVR” is an HD camcorder that you can mount in your car and use to record your surroundings. It has HD video, good audio, and a wide angle lens, but ultimately the question is what can it do for you? We’ll I’m not going to tell you should buy it, because you know your own circumstances better than anyone else. What I will do however is give you four different ideas of what the “Car Cam DVR” could be used for, and just maybe one of them will apply to you.

Idea One – Keep The Kids Inline

From my own experience as a much older brother of 8 siblings, I know that tensions can sometimes get high and when arguments break out it can be hard to tell whose telling the truth of the matter. This is especially a problem on long road trips in a cramped car.

Maybe this sounds familiar:

“Mom Timmy hit me!”

“No I didn’t”

“Yes you did!”.

If you didn’t see the actual conflict it can be hard to discipline accordingly without just giving a blanket punishment. Therefore by having the “Car Cam DVR” in the car and pointed directly towards where your kids are sitting, you are creating evidence to help discipline and hopefully deter your kids from getting too rowdy.

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Idea Two – Catalog Your Vacation

If you’re like me, then you enjoy taking a nice long road trip every now and then, and maybe you even enjoy the scenic route as well. We’ll why not video tape some of your favorite scenic areas while driving through them; you can even stop and take it outside for some great shots as well. All the while you’re doing this, you don’t have to unpack and repack your expensive handheld recorder, and that can be saved for when you arrive at your destination.

Idea 3 – Police Oversight

If you’ve ever been pulled over, and felt you were treated unjustly or wrongly accused, then you’re not alone. In fact this is a main argument for many an angry motorist when they try to argue their case in court; unfortunately lack of evidence usually relegates this to a case of he said she said, and it is somewhat useless. So why not protect yourself and keep the “Car Cam DVR” at the ready to record in the event you are pulled over. This way you can provide a clear and documented piece of evidence should the need arise.

It should be noted however that the legality of this is different in various states, and you may want to look into it in your particular state beforehand.

Idea 4 – A Reference Journal

Ever had a great idea while you were driving, only to have forgotten it by the time you get home? Well with a quick flip of the switch you can use the “Car Cam DVR” to record those lost gems while driving. This way you can review your thoughts and ideas later on when you’re not concentrating on navigating the road.

These are only a few different ideas and uses for the “Car Cam DVR”, and maybe you have some others of your own, but at least this gives a general idea of the possibilities.

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