4 Ideas To Save Money With CCTV

4 Ideas To Save Money With CCTV
By Christian M Gillman

Looking to get a CCTV security camera system or a good burglar deterrent, but want to be able to save money on or with your purchase? There are several options on how to do this, and we will go over 4 good ideas to help you save money.

Coordinate With Your Insurance Company

A lot of home owners insurance companies will offer discounts on their premiums if you have a home surveillance or alarm system. Before you purchase your surveillance system, you should talk with your insurance agent and find out what kind of discounts they offer for different surveillance systems.

This is a great way to pay off your surveillance system purchase down the road with your accumulated savings as well as continually draw a discount afterwards.

Locate Used Equipment

The easiest way to go about locating used surveillance equipment for a discounted price is to contact a CCTV products distributor and find out what kind of used (b-stock) equipment they have and what discounts they offer on it. A lot of the time this used equipment will be returned equipment that is basically still new and can’t be sold as new anymore.

Another possibility for locating used surveillance equipment is to scope out businesses in your area that are going out of business or are moving to new locations. Most of the time the company will want to get rid of its surveillance equipment at this point in favor of getting new equipment (if they’re moving) or to recoup some of their loses (if they’re going out of business).

It may be a good idea to have some pricing in mind before approaching a business, to make sure you get a good deal.

Invest In Dummies

Find dead or non functioning security cameras and install them as a dummy deterrent. This wont provide great protection, but it will be enough to deter some would be burglars and such.

Some surveillance distributors will have pre-packaged dummy cameras for a discounted price, and some will even have dead cameras that they may be willing to offload for great savings.

Surveillance Signs

Now this option doesn’t involve purchasing any surveillance equipment, but it still can provide a simple deterrent for the extremely cash strapped. There are many different signs out there that warn of the use of surveillance cameras and covert CCTV equipment on the premises. Buy some of these bad boys and post them around your house or business and it may be enough of a deterrent to keep your house safe.

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