4 Tips To Promote Your Surveillance Equipment

4 Tips To Promote Your Surveillance Equipment

By Christian M Gillman

This article is for CCTV dealers and distributors looking for an edge on how to sell their surveillance equipment and other CCTV products. We will go over a few quick tips that can help turn a potential customer into a bonafide sale.

Tip 1 – Show Off Your Network DVR

Nothing can help impress a customer as much as having the ability to quickly show off the bells and whistles of your top of the line DVR. Capabilities such as networking and being able to remotely view your surveillance cameras are a great marketing tool, and you should strive to show this off.

To do this make sure you have a demo DVR setup either at your home or business that is networked and attached to a couple security cameras. By doing this you can quickly have the customer log into the DVR and view it from home, or if you use the correct cell phone application you can even demo it to them on your phone (this is a great way to impress).

As a bonus this is also a great way to demo a few of your security cameras as well.

Tip 2 – Relate To The Customer

Most customers looking for surveillance equipment aren’t going to necessarily have the same technical expertise that you have, and it is always a good idea to be able to explain what your equipment can do in a simplistic manner and in a way that can relate to what the customer is looking to do. This is useful in making the customer feel at ease and not overwhelmed with technical jargon.

As a side note you should also make sure you’re not talking down to the customer or making them feel like an idiot. You should simply try to make them feel comfortable and on the same level as you.

Tip 3 – Customer Service

Customer service is a great way to maintain and keep customers coming back for more of your CCTV products. By offering the technical expertise to troubleshoot equipment problems, or by at least knowing of resources to help the customer with their problems is a sure way to keep them happy.

Other great ideas for good customer service include making sure to package your product safely and in good condition for shipping, making follow up calls to ensure their equipment is functioning and working properly (also a good way to possibly make additional sales), and just being available to answer questions the customer might have about the product down the road.

Tip 4 – Keeping Old Manuals

In the fast world of technology a lot of products go obsolete almost immediately it seems. A good way to provide an extra service to your customers and help with future sales is to keep old product manuals on hand that you can refer to, and possibly even send a customer if they need information about an outdated product.

By doing this you not only set yourself up as a go to business for product information, but it also provides you with an opportunity to talk to the customer about new products and the benefits they can provide over the customers old surveillance equipment.

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