6 Surveillance Savings Tips

6 Surveillance Savings Tips

By Christian M Gillman

Surveillance equipment and CCTV products can be expensive. Why not look into a few different options to help you save on costs and get the most out of your hard earned cash.

Installation – Install It Yourself

A large cost when investing in a surveillance system can be the installation. Instead of hiring someone and paying them $30+ per hour; why not grab a couple tech savvy friends, a pizza, and a radio and just install it yourself.

This can prove very cost effective when faced with a tight budget, and there are plenty of forums and groups online that can help make the installation even easier.

Buy Used Or Returned

A lot of surveillance equipment dealers will have returned or used products that sit on the shelves and become known as b-stock. These products may work like brand new and function properly, but they can’t be sold as such; so they become heavily discounted. So before you purchase brand new equipment, you should contact your CCTV equipment provider and see what b-stock they have to offer.

Start Small

When building your CCTV system; you may have grandiose ideas of a high tech surveillance system with all the bells and whistles. This may be the eventual goal, but if your on a tight budget it would be wise to start small with the more basic and necessary components and work your way up.

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Do Your Research

Most people will gravitate directly towards the more popular and visible brands of equipment such as Samsung or Sony. While these brands may be high quality; they also come with a higher base price just for their premium name.

By doing a little research at places such as CCTV forums or other surveillance equipment blogs and forums; you may be able to find a comparable and possibly better product provided by an off-brand manufacturer at a lower price point.

Additionally you can save money by ordering your products far enough in advance that standard ground shipping can be used. In fact some surveillance equipment providers offer FREE ground shipping.

Split The Bill

If you’re a residential customer trying to buy a surveillance system; you may try talking to your neighbor and going into a purchase together to split the bill and help cover both your homes.

Dealer & Installer Incentives

Dealers and installers generally get discounted pricing on equipment because they make reoccurring and bulk purchases. So if you plan on buying a large amount of equipment; you should first contact your provider and see what kind of discounts might be offered.

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