Basic Covert Camera Tips And Information

Basic Covert Camera Tips And Information

By Christian M Gillman

When it comes to surveillance systems there are a lot of overt solutions available in the marketplace, and it can be quite simple to put together a basic surveillance kit for your home or business. What about the times that overt surveillance is unacceptable however? It is in these situations that we turn to covert solutions, and it is a good idea to have some basic information and tips about covert surveillance.


This is first and foremost something that should be kept in the back of your mind when planning a covert surveillance package. Each state has its own regulations concerning covert surveillance, and the federal government also has a few of its own. Knowing this you should do some research in your area to find out what the different laws might be.

Whether it’s displaying a sign to advise people about the use of covert surveillance or just not having cameras in certain areas; you should have a good amount of knowledge about the subject before proceeding with installation.

Furthermore if audio recording is part of any of your covert surveillance equipment; then you will need to look up the laws behind audio recording as they differ and are generally more strict than video.

Know Your Use

When you buy a covert camera solution you will obviously want it to be something that is inconspicuous and doesn’t stand out; so with this in mind you should talk with your surveillance supplier and determine what would fit best in your environment. Obviously an alarm clock might not look appropriate sitting outside your doorstep, but a plant camera would do the trick. So before you purchase a covert camera, make sure you know its use.

Popular Types Of Covert Cameras

To finish we will quickly look at 5 of the most popular types of covert surveillance solutions to give a small idea of the options available in the market.

Covert Clock

This is by far the most popular covert camera and it is simply a small security camera placed in a stationary wall clock or alarm clock. Furthermore most models also function as a standard clock to provide an added element of trust and illusion.

Securityman ClockCamDVR Wall Clock Color Camera

Plant Camera

A small discreet miniature security camera combined with a large plant of some kind equals a great covert option. This covert camera is often used in homes and businesses where plant decorations are common place.

Exit Sign Camera

Very useful in businesses with a lot of entryways and exits, and as the name indicates it is a small camera hidden inside of an exit sign.

Pen Camera

A bit more like the spy gadgets you might see in your favorite spy movie; the pen camera is a popular covert camera solution for private investigators and people needing a more mobile surveillance product.

Watch Camera

Like the pen camera this is a great mobile solution for covert surveillance as the camera is hidden in a functioning wristwatch.

With these quick tips and ideas of covert surveillance options you should be better equipped to make an informed and wise choice when purchasing covert cctv products.

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