A 600TVL Resolution Version Of The KPC-N300NN

Over the last couple years we have come to know and love the KPC-N300NN IR security camera as a great successor and upgrade to the highly loved S53CNV.  It has shown itself to be completely competent and reliable as a great security camera for any surveillance system.

Now that we have come to love this new model we are getting a even stronger version of it; that will give us an extremely clear and high quality picture with a 600 TVL resolution.

Thats right, its time to meet the KPC-NSP301NU.  This security camera is almost identical to the N300NN; except for a 600 TVL resolution, and a few other updated features.

So come take a look at this great security camera, and what it has to offer.  http://www.cu1.com/kpcnsp301nu.html

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