A Few Infrared Security Camera Tips

A Few Infrared Security Camera Tips

By Christian M Gillman

Infrared security cameras are a popular choice for outdoor and even indoor use where lighting is limited, and a 24 hour surveillance solution is required. From infrared sensitive cameras to IR equipped cameras; there are a lot of choices to get a low light camera solution. Lets take a look at what a few different IR systems are and what they mean in regards to your surveillance applications.

IR / LED Equipped Cameras

IR or LED equipped security cameras are surveillance cameras that already have the IR (Infrared) or LED lights built into the body, and they will automatically provide infrared light in low light situations for better picture clarity.

With any IR equipped device; including both portable IR and built in IR systems, you run the risk of blinding your CCTV camera. What this means is that IR light can reflect off of objects back at the security camera, and make the picture useless. To avoid this, you will want to make sure you are not putting your camera behind glass or in front of a reflective object.

Another thing that should be noted about IR equipped cameras is that depending on the security camera you purchase, you may end up with a B&W picture when the IR’s turn on. There are various reasons for this, and one main reason is that black and white is easier to use in low light scenarios, and it can provide a higher resolution when compared to color. Irregardless of this, there are some security cameras that will maintain color recording with IR LED’s and some that wont. The type of infrared camera you want will depend on your own security applications.

IR Sensitive Cameras

An IR sensitive security camera is not the same thing as an IR equipped camera, and this is something that needs to be known. What an IR sensitive camera does is enable itself to pick up infrared light and use it to take low light video recordings. This capability allows the addition and use of portable IR illuminator devices in your surveillance system.

It needs to be noted that not all security cameras are IR sensitive and will not necessarily work with a portable infrared illuminator.

Matco IR-150 150ft IR (Infrared) Illuminator

Low Light Sensitive Cameras

Although these security cameras are not really a part of the IR possibilities, they do provide an additional low light solution at a cheaper price range. A low light security camera is one that will have a very low lux rating and allow for the maximum possible use of available light to provide a decent low light picture. This is all done completely void of any IR LED’s or IR capable devices.

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